Power and Fashion


25 leading members of the Danish Parliament (Folketing)/Ministers across the parties – photographed in Danish designs

Styled by the Folketing’s own stylist, Pari Khadem, and wearing clothes to suit each personality, they  glow from page to page, competing with each other in colourful portraits by photographer Elona Sjøgren.

The unique photographs are accompanied by equally glowing word portraits composed by journalist Lotte Tegner, in which the politicians each talk about how they relate not only to their clothes but also their political priorities. From leisurewear and jeans in the Chamber to financial policies and education.

Magt og Mode (Power and Fashion) provides a unique and entertaining opportunity to get to know the country’s leading power brokers, both male and female, at a personal level that everyone can relate to – regardless of whether you are interested in gender issues or high fashion.

Magt og Mode is a beautiful, hardback coffee table book – fully-illustrated in rich, glowing colours.

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